About Volkstanz & Tanzmusik International (VTI)

The background of our seminars and of the VTI (see www.worlddance.ch, unfortunately only in German) lie in the experiences some of us had at an international boarding school, the Ecole d’ Humanité (on the Hasliberg in the Bernese Alps), where international folk-dance is an integral part of school life. The folk music and folk dance of the Balkan countries, and especially Bulgaria, were at the heart of this.

Our organization wanted to continue in the spirit of the school, and began in the late 1970s to organize a dance camp (with 2-3 instructors and live music all week) in the winter between Christmas and New Year. This is held in Kiental, now for the 34th year in a row. The Easter seminar, held in Melchtal, is intended for advanced musicians and singers. In the summer, we have a week-long family seminar which combines playing in ensembles with instruction, both in the music and in the dances that are done to that music. This is held every second year at the school on the Hasliberg and is open to all levels (including for children and adolescents). Finally, we have a small, dance-focused seminar that we run for 8-13 year olds (also in Kiental). Our organization also includes recreational dance groups in various Swiss cities, and they organize week-end workshops (including with dance instructors from the Balkans) and other events. We now also organize an event in January which showcases local music ensembles that play folk music.