Music Seminar 2013

VTI – Music Seminar


Music, Song & Dance from Bulgaria and Macedonia

March 28 to April 1, 2013, in Melchtal

Petar Ralchev

Marem Aliev Saxophone
Desislava Stefanova Singing, Choir
Nikolaj Doktorov Kaval
Valentin Penev Clarinet
Monique Lansdorp Violin
Nehrun Aliev Percussion
Dragni Dragnev (Gast) Cura & Kaba-Gajda
Petia Dragneva (Gast) Singing lessons
Corinne Bühler Warmups, basic dances
Sylvie Manojan Children’s orchestra

This seminar is devoted to Bulgarian and Macedonian music. Most of the instructors come from these two countries and are masters of their instruments. Dessilava Stefanova, leader of the London Bulgarian Choir, will also delight and inspire every singer! The Aliev family is in charge of the Culture Corner, and our experienced teacher Corinne Bühler will teach some basic dances from these regions. This seminar is meant for singers and musicians with basic (or advanced) experience with their instruments and who want to learn more about, and play in, Balkan rhythms!


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 The 2013 Music Seminar in Melchtal, Switzerland

We welcome advanced musicians, particularly if they are experienced in Balkan rhythms, as well as singers who would like to work on Bulgarian and Macedonian material. Sheet music and a practice CD will be sent to participants one month before the seminar begins.

In the seminar we will be primarily engaged in the art of singing, playing and dancing together. We will also work grouped by instrument or choir, with the individual instructors. We will form smaller ensembles, too, and together with the singers practice specific, selected, works. On Saturday evening, we will perform what we have worked on for each other. Afternoons will be devoted to workshops on special topics the instructors have selected for us. Culture Corners in the evenings will present cultural life in Bulgaria and Macedonia. On Saturday night, at 8 PM, the instructors will give a Concert: you are welcome to invite your family and friends to attend!

Room & Board

The Institut Melchtal ( is part of a Benedictine convent and on the road up to the Melchsee-Frutt ski area. The community, at an altitude of 900 meters, lies in a narrow mountain valley. The Institut has a few 2-bed rooms, and many 4 and 6-bed rooms. Each bed is partitioned off by a curtain and has a separate washbasin. Bedding is included in the price, but everyone needs to bring their own towels and house slippers. Children under 12 should bring a sleeping-bag. Those who prefer staying in a hotel should contact either the Hotel Alpenhof-Post: Tel. 041 669 12 37 or the Hotel Nünalp: Tel. 041 669 12 24. Both are very close to the Institut. All meals may be taken at the Institut; the overall price of the seminar is reduced by 60 CHF for those who choose this hotel option.

The Meals

are organized by our “travelling chef” Ines Riesco and her team.Whole food, prepared with imagination and flair, awaits us; there are also vegetarian options! Details can be found at As is our tradition, all participants are asked to help prepare breakfast on one day during the seminar, and will be assigned other cleaning or washing-up tasks. Additional help with such needed tasks can lead to a reduction of the seminar costs, for those who genuinely need it.

The Bar

in the small hall will again be the quiet eye in the storm. A pre-paid credit system can be transformed into a bit of indulgence during the breaks and in the evenings.

The Committee

Sigi Nagel: Seminar director
Karen Gruno: Registration/House
Richard Gruno: Music booklet/Instructors
Stephan Robinson: Cashier



Adults 620 CHF
Students*) 490 CHF

Pupils aged 13-18*)

390 CHF
Children under 12 with Seminar 210 CHF
Children under 12, no Seminar 160 CHF

Guests, no Seminar (only evening program)

320 CHF

* with school or university identification

Additional Charges (per person for 4 nights): Double room with sink 160 CHF, as available.

Please await confirmation from Karen Gruno

The price includes course tuition, room and board  (in a room with 4 or 6 beds), a music booklet & a practice CD.

Please pay the cost of the course together with your registration onto the following postal bank account:

Postkonto 40-525880-3, Lagerkonto 3
Volkstanz & Tanzmusik International (VTI)
5400 Baden/Schweiz

Payments (in Euro) from abroad (exchange rate is that on the payment date):

IBAN: CH 56 0900 0000 9105 2999 0; Clearing: 9000
Recipient Bank: PostFinance
Address: Nordring 8, 3030 Bern, Switzerland
Name of Recipient: Stephan Robinson (cashier)

Music booklet and CD will be sent once payment has been received.

Cancellation after February 23, 2013 (without providing a replacement person) carries a service charge of 100 CHF. Music booklet and CD then must be paid separately.

The agreement of instructors and participants must be obtained beforehand for any sound or video recordings made during the seminar.

Visitors must also register (see above) (an overnight stay with full board will cost about 80 CHF per night/day).

We reserve the right to make changes to the announced program.

Contact & Registration

Last Day to Register: February 23, 2013

Registration may be done online

Registrations can also be sent or faxed to:

Karen Gruno, Horben 3, 8372 Wiezikon/Sirnach