Summer Camp 2015


Music and Dance Seminar for the whole family:

Folk music from East and West

20 - 25 July 2015

Hasliberg-Goldern / BE

Love of music, joy in movement, being open to the world: The 2015 VTI Summer Camp is meant for instrumentalists and singers who have solid basic knowledge and who like to dance – at whatever level! Adolescents and children are also very welcome.

The camp will take place at the Ecole d’Humanité in Hasliberg-Goldern (BE).

Participants are expected to help with smaller chores in the houses or kitchen one day during the camp.


Music with the Charivari Trio

   Anneke Frankenberg (violin)

   Bart Lelivelt (accordeon)

   Gerard Schoren (bass, vocals)




Dance with

   Jan Knoppers

   Richard van der Kooij

JanKnoppers RichardVanDerKooij
 Programs for Children and Youth

Manuela Einsle-Vetterli  (Music)


Maartje Ligthart (Dance) 

The VTI reserves the right to make changes to the program (alternate instructors, for example).

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Start The Summer Camp starts on Monday, 20 Juli 2015 at 14:00. Rooms will be open after 12:00.
Finish The Summer Camp ends on Saturday, 25 July 2015 in the early afternoon.
Music Program

Anneke Frankenberg, Bart Lelivelt and Gerard Schoren (Charivari Trio) have performed and taught together for many years. In the Summer Camp, they teach dance music from Europe and Latin America – usually, but they may bring pieces to learn from much further afield...

Our Music and Dance Seminar is not only meant for musicians with a solid grounding who are interested in the sounds and rhythms of other cultures. Everyone will participate in a separate orchestra or in the chorus. Everyone will play, sing or dance with this group at their own level.

Participants will immerse themselves in the new repertoire, will work on accompanying musical figures, and will gain insight into variation and improvisation. What is unique is that for every piece of music a corresponding dance can be learned. This gives a much deeper insight into, and a greater understanding of, other cultures.

Additionally, workshops on more specialized topics such as improvisation or vocal technique will also be offered.

The chorus is under the direction of Gerard Schoren and Jan Knoppers. But all participants can sing along: the texts belong to the melodies and lend them additional meaning and color.

The languages of instruction are German and English.

Dance Program

What would this exhilarating music be without dance? Playing for dancers works best if one has a sense of the dynamics inherent in the dances.

Our two very experienced dance teachers Jan Knoppers and Richard van der Kooij will introduce you to the dance basics of the pieces that you learn to play. They have worked many times together with the music teachers and are a well-established team. All instrumentalists interested in movement and sequences are warmly invited to participate and enjoy what Jan and Richard can evoke and bring out in you.

Dance instruction alternates with music instruction.

The dance instruction will be in English and German, but if desired, it can also be in Italian or French...




Programs for
Children and Youth

A parallel program for children and youth is available.

In the “Easy-Orchestra”, meant for older children and youths, adults who do not yet have much experience with their instruments are also welcome.

The “Easy-Orchestra”, directed by Manuela Einsle-Vetterli, will work on the same music as other instrumentalists, though in adapted forms. Manuela has considerable experience in working with younger musicians and is enthusiastic about playing music from the Balkans.

We are also very happy to welcome Maartje Ligthart back to the Summer Camp. With her infectious enthusiasm, she will bring our younger participants the joy of dance and of moving to music.

Our very youngest participants can take advantage of our play group.



Lodging and Meals

The grandiose panorama of the Bernese Alps provides a backdrop for our Music and Dance Seminar.

The Ecole d’Humanité in Hasliberg-Goldern has generously allowed us to again be their guests.

There is enough room on the school grounds to practice our instruments, to dance, and to enjoy. Our younger participants particularly like the schools grounds.

The various Ecole houses mostly have rooms with 2, or sometimes 3 or 4 beds. Very few single rooms are available. Bathrooms and showers are in the hallways.

You need to bring pillows, blankets/duvets and sheets, or sleeping-bags with for each bed.

The school’s chef Christian Philipp will provide us with culinary delicacies.

It is a tradition in VTI events (and in the Ecole) that everyone pitch in, so we expect of all participants that they help with smaller chores in the houses and in the kitchen one day during the camp. Such help does not interfere (or only very little) with the class instruction.



Course Material

Some course material will be available to you electronically by June 2015.

During the camp, a booklet of music (assembled by the teachers) will be made available and distributed at the beginning of the camp.

Video and sound recordings are only permitted to a limited extent.




The following is included in the cost of the camp:

  • Participation in the courses offered
  • Music booklet
  • Full board
  • Lodging in rooms with 2 or more beds. Bathrooms are in the hallways, not the rooms. No bedding is provided.

Insurance is the responsibility of the participants, not VTI.

Participants are obligated to help with smaller chores in the houses and in the kitchen for at least one day during the camp.


A) Adults 690 CHF
B) Students, Trainees (over 18)* 500 CHF
C) Youth (aged 11 – 17) 400 CHF
D) Children (aged 3 – 10) 300 CHF
E) Young children (under 3) 200 CHF
F) Companions (no course participation) 
350 CHF
* relevant identification must be provided


A 50 CHF reduction will be provided for those who do not lodge at the Ecole.

Single rooms (very few!) can be reserved at a surcharge of 300 CHF. Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.

Families of 5 or more can receive a family reduction of 100 CHF.

No other reductions are foreseen. However, some paid helper jobs may be available. If you are interested in such a job, please note it on your registration form. These jobs will also be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.




 Registration and Dates

Registration is online on this website.
The registration deadline is 15 June 2015.

Your registration is only valid after your payment has been received on our bank account.
Please only use the bank information provided below!!!

When your registration has been successfully received and processed, you will receive confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us!

Postal Account:

5400 Baden

IBAN:    CH90 0900 0000 4052 5880 3




The VTI organization committee is composed of:

  • Irène Wehaiba (Director)
  • Miriam Lubin (Music coordination)
  • Ines Riesco (Lodging coordination)
  • John Bendix (Finances)

Sylvie Holden will be in charge of our bar.




For more information, contact

Irène Wehaiba
Goldwandstrasse 27
5408 Ennetbaden

Tel: +41 56 222 20 84
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